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Run # CXXXVII (137)
11 February 2012

Total turnout = 52

Includes run report
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Tampax V.V.

Hash names colour code:

 Male Teenager
 Female Teenager
 Male Child

Female Child
 Number of run

Faithful Hounds = 19
GI Joe (94), V.V. (91), Arseaholic (80), Pussy Virus (80),
Ball Ringer (77), The Tickler (57), Squeeze My Tube (55),
Late Cumming Ball Slapper (30), Rumpleforeskin (30),
Lord Lucan (24), Liberace (23), Dirty Pussy (22),
Mud Cracker (18), ActiveX (17), Bam Bam (17),
Pussy Snatcher (16), Borderline (13),
Crazy Pussy (4), Mud's Cracker (4)


Returnees = 27
Festering Streaker (63), Jellobutt (63), Bell End (61),
Rabid Bitch (57), Tampax (50), Jackal (28),
Linguini Weeny (28), Beverly Hills Pink Cock (25),
Cabbage Knievel (23), Vaseline Thighs (23),
Stinky Sloppy Seconds (22), Anal Rape (18),
Coppertone Babe (18), Love Canal (15), Chucky (14),
E.T (13), Dodic (11), Try A F**k (11), Captain Kirk (8),
Horse (6), Crocodile (5), Robbin Bastard (5),
Panzer (5), Dripper (3), Street Cleaner (3),
Frozen F***er (2), Play Station (2)


Bush Newcomers = 6
Homework (1)
Wee Wee Watcher (1)
Nils Tommerdal (1)
Randi Tommerdal (1)
Chris Wilson (1)
Wimol Mooyadee (1)


Sponsors and Donors:
A-site food, fruit & chips: V.V. and Tampax

Octuple Bushmaster status 104 runs:  
Septuple Bushmaster status 91 runs: V.V.
Sextuple Bushmaster status 78 runs:  
Quintuple Bushmaster status 65 runs:  
 Quadruple Bushmaster status 52 runs:  
Tripple Bushmaster status 39 runs:  
  Double Bushmaster status 26 runs:  
  Single Bushmaster status 13 runs: Borderline and E.T
This months birthdays:  

Bot Wanthikul named Play Station


Pattaya Bush
Run # CXXXVII (137)

Run Story By:
Rabid Bitch

The world as we (well me really) knew is all in disarray.
I had perfectly ‘good reasons’ for not ‘Bushing’ (yes there is a verb ‘to Bush” look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary, you’ll find all the definitions you need;

 verb intransitive 1. To grow or branch out like a bush.

v.i.2. To extend in a bushy growth.

v.t. 3. To detrimentally affect a large nation with a dynasty

v.i. 4. To perform in a 1970s pornographic production and finally

v.i. 5. To desecrate one’s body with exercise and alcohol, normally in three sections, run/run/alcohol.

These ‘good reasons’ were the World Cup Rugby-going to the UK-serious psychological illness (also termed working on Saturdays) and apathy.

Anyway here I was returned to the flock as a sheet of A4 to an origami club (I used to have a black belt at origami, at one of the most prestigious clubs in Bangkok, but last year it folded). I was well prepared, watered, with my GPS, my laptop, my main-frame, my Playstation, my Wii (it’s the first time its been ever called that) and my I-gloo. (It’s a digitized adhesive that easily converts into an Eskimo’s home) and ready to go.

Actually the only thing I’d forgotten was my hangover so there was a strange other worldy aspect to the run. I see I had previously ran 56 times and I’m sure this was run number one without that familiar aura of regret and stale beer that we know all know so well on the second Saturday.

The hares were presented; two familiar faces with unfamiliar attributes. One a founding father of the most infamous Saturday afternoon activity in all of Thailand and one the inspiration for the greatest cartoon Gaul in history.

The run was to be ………and here I got v. bored and lost concentration…. something to do with Light beer …..bush meeting……..bad checks……360 degree temperatures…… A to B too far too soon too fat too old….. you know that sort of thing.

Anyway the run was excellent, i.e. it was flat as a witches mammalians,  ‘average slope 1.95%’ and most of that was getting onto the bus. There were a few incidents with dogs and cattle (but my sex life is my own business….mail me and I’ll forward some web sites) but as a confirmed member of the ‘Back Walking Wingers’ most of the trail was a smooth blur of broken checks and open ground. There were a couple of tricky moments when Highway 7 reared its ugly presence but apart from that and a few rural odours of the bovine variety (no I’m not talking about you Jackal) there was a harmony of balance and restrain that had ne’er been seen before on the second Saturday.

Then to the main course, a roller coaster ride of international cuisine (thank you sirs Hare) fine beverage, Tickler arriving from totally the wrong direction (one day he’ll either surface in the middle of the circle like a WW2 escapee leaving his tunnel, or parachute in as Jimmy Bond with a chick on his back) and wit and ready repartee. Well maybe not but its amazing what 20 bottles of Tiger will do to your well being and love for fellow man….and woman of course……but not if the wife is watching.

It was a pleasure to check on the progress through life of gentlemen such as Borderline, Festering Streaker (can his boy run!) and others too mighty to mention, and feel assured that I will work hard on my excuses to avoid the 2SITMonth’s regular helping of ritual humiliation and soiled footwear. 

PS Missed Ringworm the most.

PPS When your real name is Randi Tommerdal you don’t need a Hash name.

PPPS Thanks!