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Stats for Run # CXXV (125)
12 February 2011

Total turnout = 54

Includes run report See bottom of page

The Tickler

 Hash names colour code:

 Number of runs

Faithful Hounds = 27
Ringworm (112), GI Joe (83), Weed Eater (81),
No Meat (79), Pussy Virus (72), Jellobutt (56),
The Tickler (50), Oddjob (48), Squeeze My Tube (44),
Tampax (40), Mrs Head (37), Spaghetti Head (35),
Hobbit (34), Greyhound (33), That's The One (33),
Linguini Weeny (27), Beverly Hills Pink Cock (19),
Garbage Collector (18), Cabbage Knievel (14),
Dirty Pussy (13), Vaseline Thighs (13),
Coppertone Babe (12), Liberace (12),
Bam Bam
(10), Pussy Snatcher (9),
Steptoe (8), Absolutely Fucking Clueless (4)

Returnees = 20
V.V. (80), Big Nosed Bastard (79), Arseaholic (72),
Hash Hash (59), Rabid Bitch (54), Pussy Galore (48),
(37), Timmy Tight Pants (28), Jackal (24),
Late Cumming Ball Slapper (23), Stinky Sloppy 2nds (17),
Mud Cracker (11), ActiveX (10), Airhead (9),
Special Price (9), My Precious (7), Pebbles (4),
Tiny Anal Torpedo (4), Bubbles (2),
Quarterpounder With Cheese (2)


Bush Virgins = 7
Crocodile, Glasshole, Lech, Meat Beater,
Orapan, Shaggy, White Tiger


Sponsors and Donors:
Paying Brewmaster: Liberace
A-site food: The Tickler

Octuple Bushmaster status 104 runs:  
Septuple Bushmaster status 91 runs:  
Sextuple Bushmaster status 78 runs:  
Quintuple Bushmaster status 65 runs:  
 Quadruple Bushmaster status 52 runs:  
Tripple Bushmaster status 39 runs:  
  Double Bushmaster status 26 runs:  
  Single Bushmaster status 13 runs: Dirty Pussy
Vaseline Thighs

PV's Mum named 'White Tiger'

Pattaya Bush Run 125


Run Story By:
Quater Pounder
With Cheese

It was a dark and stormy night........sorry, wrong story.

“Do you want to be the scribe today” says Tampax, before I could get off my 101 excuses for not doing it he said “thanks” and walked off.

After a one hour forty five minute drive on the bus with a grand tour of Chonburi thrown in at no extra cost, we arrived at the “A” site. Not the hares fault we got lost, a combination of the bus driver and a Norwegian who couldn’t read a map.

The “A” site was situated on high ground which means only one thing, hills. I hate hills as I have trouble walking on flat ground at the best of times, but that’s my problem. Off we went and I realized after a short time ( by that I mean a short period of time and not a quickie down Soi 6) that I wasn’t going to make that hill, so I did my own walk and arrived back at the “A” site after thirty minutes. The runners came back after one hour forty five and proclaimed a good run. The lone hare The tickler did a good job and must have put some serious time into the trail.

One of my favourite parts of the hash is the time spent from the end of the run to the beginning of the circle. It’s the time to catch up with old friends for a few beers and a chat. I sat down with Drippy, Ringworm and BNB to catch up with old times and tell a few jokes. Before we knew it the circle was called and the fun started.

As this was only my second bush run I wasn’t familiar with the protocol and it was refreshing to see people that I’d never seen before and the way that the circle was run. I like the idea of torturing women as they have been torturing us men since the beginning of mankind. The double act of Ringworm and BNB was good, they should be on stage. I can’t remember all the names of the hashers on ice as most of them are new to me. I was iced for being a long returner (my first bush run was #1). I must admit that I left the circle early with Drippy and Ringworm as I had other things on my mind. Man Utd. Was playing City and I had the privilege of watching the goal of the season, so no regrets there.

I would like to thank VV and Squeeze my tube for supplying the food for the run, the hare for a good run and everybody involved in the mismanagement.


¼ Pounder with cheese.