Stats for Bush Run # XXXVII
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Run # XXXVII (37)
11th October 2003

A-site map and location.


Photos for Bush Run # XXXVII
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M.C Oddjob Karamba

Directions from Pattaya
Drive 9.5 km south along Sukhumvit from Klang. Turn left up Wat Huay Yai Road and drive for 12.8 km to (HHH) on left, turn left into A-site.


Directions from Bangkok:
Drive Highw 7 into 36 direction Rayong. Take left into 331 after 6,6 km after 3240 flyover,  make U-turn on 331 . After 3,5 km look for Radio Tower and take  right into Wat Huay Yai Road after Busstop.  A Site on right side (HHH) after 600 meter